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So, new day new story! 

Yeah, today was a good day overall. In school and later too. It was my birthday, so everyone in the class congratulated me. It felt really good. Later I met my mom in a cafe where we had a glass of coffee and talked with each other for a while. As last year, she had many gifts for me this year too. But soon it got a  bit uncomfortable when we started talking about the last year. It wasn’t really easy to discuss how the last year was,  and what I have accomplished so far. After our short discussion I was allowed to take the train back home. She was standing there staring at me until the train drove away and I couldn’t see her anymore. 

Yeah that’s how my birthday was. I am home now all alone, reading a French book & trying to find out what some difficult words mean. I think I will continue doing it… I wish you guys a nice evening. See you all soon. 🙂