Hello dear friends, 

I am back & thought I would take everyday some time to share with you guys how my day was. 

Yeah, right it was Monday & I had school again. The start of the day was not really good. I always take a train from my house to school, in between I have to change once. Today the trains were late because of a technical issue somewhere,  that means I was late for school. Luckily I have some friends who were there already. I wrote one of them to tell our teacher that I will be late for the lesson. And as far as I noticed he did it… So no big deal. 🙂 

I’m in a translation & interpretation school where people learn how to translate from languages like French, English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese into German. I am leaning French and English to be an interpretator in the future. I really like the environment in the school & how nice my teachers are. Today I had English vocabulary lesson where I learned how to solve some anagrams & learned a lot of new vocabulary. Later on I had a German class where I wrote a short test. It wasn’t difficult so I had a good feeling after I have done it. 

Right, that was a bit about the lessons… Besides I played ping-pong in my break (45 minutes) and chatted with my classmates a bit. I think we are 32 guys in our class from which most of them are girls. They are all very nice. They like to talk and listen to some crazy music. I think I will never like the music they do! It’s really hard for me to listen to it. I recently started liking one of the girls in my class. It’s difficult to talk to her, she is really quite and usually uncomfortable around boys. I just look at her all the time, but haven’t got the chance to talk to her so far. Maybe it works out in the future… 🙂 

Yeah, yeah… That was the day in school and a bit about my classmates. I also play football on Mondays. We are a group of migrants who come together and play in a sport hall. It’s nice to be among them & play with them. Like every other Monday I played football today too and that’s the reason why I am really tired now. I made some soup for myself and started writing my blog. The soup is nearly finished and I think my story for the day too. Hope you like the idea & come here often to read how my daily life looks like. Thanks for reading. 🙂