I am one of those people who constantly considers others, regardless of the detriment to my life. This is especially true in my relationships. I can’t help myself for always thinking, what would they like, and getting it , what do they need? And providing it. I always want to go the extra mile to make that person feel special and valued and important.

The trouble is, I have never been in a relationship where the other persons does the same for me. As I have got older and somewhat less wise, I have always questioned this. Maybe I am just not worth it? Sure there are gestures, but generally they are half hearted, or half thought out or promises are made and expectations are set and then they fail to deliver.

Are the people that I pick just overcome with emotional laziness. Or do I just give too much? It is my fault? Do I expect to much? Is the problem actually me? Should I just try and rein it in? Am I the only reason why I am continually disappointed?

As you can tell, I am having one of those days. I just want to be adored. We all want that don’t we? So come on my lovely readers, let me know – Am I just too much?